Policy & Purpose:
5 Star Pest Control (IW) Ltd’s Data Protection Privacy Policy applies to personal information we
hold about employee, customer, stakeholders and other interested parties. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to gather, store and handle, data in a transparent and confidential manner.

5 Star Pest Control (IW) Ltd respect your rights and recommend that you read this policy.

This policy refers to all parties, (employees, job, candidates and customers) who provide personal information to us.
Covered under the Data Protection Policy:
Employees of our company, contractors, consultants and any other external entity who act on our behalf.

Policy elements:
As part of our operations we need to obtain and process certain information.
This information includes any offline and online data that makes a person identifiable.
Our company collects this information in a transparent way and only with the full cooperation of interested parties.

Once this information is with us, 5 Star Pest Control (IW) Ltd
1. Will keep data accurate and up to date
2. Collected fairly and for lawful purposes only
3. Process by the company in a legal way
4. Protect from unauthorized or illegal access
5. Store data only in order to
5a. Comply with our contractual obligations to you
5b. Comply with our legal obligations under law
5c. Enable us to deal with your enquiries for information should you require specifications
and contracted terms and conditions.

We understand our obligations to:
Inform people on request in writing of how their data is stored and processed. Inform people of who has access to such data and allow legitimate requests for such data stored, to be deleted from our systems within the constraints placed on us to comply with our legal obligations for such storage.

Actions: To demonstrate and action – we are committed to:

Restrict and monitor access to sensitive data
Develop transparent and simple data collection procedures
Train employees in online privacy and security measures
Build secure networks to protect data from cyber attack
Establish clear procedures to investigate / report privacy breaches and misuse of data
Establish data protection systems, data shredding, frequent backups and processing systems to ensure that information will be deleted from hard and online systems as soon as is possible within constraints placed on us by our legal obligations. HSE, HMRC etc.

Cookies policy:
Our computer systems utilize cookies. This may collect non-personal data about you such as which Internet browsers you use and the website you used to access our website. You cannot be identified through this information and it is a system that allows us to provide a more effective service through our website.

Data responsible officer DAVID FRENCH

Data processing officer. LINDA FRENCH