Mole Removal & Bird Proofing Services

We cover the whole Island, offering a 24/7 service – both for residential and commercial clients alike. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. 

Mole Control

The 5 Star Pest Control team can assess your garden and make implementations to resolve the problem.

We have a no-catch, no-charge policy for all of our mole control services.

Pigeon & Gull Proofing

Birds, like seagulls and pigeons, commonly cause problems to buildings across the Isle of Wight. They can make a real mess of your property’s facade, windows and roof by “painting” them over with their droppings. Pigeons’ nesting habits and feather shedding can block your guttering system and cause water damage, too. Last but not least, their droppings contain dangerous pathogens and emits unpleasant odours, as well.



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