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We offer fast and effective insect treatments to domestic and residential customers across the Isle of Wight. All the treatments will be documented on an inspection report sheet, forming a continuous treatment record for your premises. For your peace of mind, appropriate health and safety information is made a part of each inspection report sheet.

Insect Problem on the Isle of Wight?


These biting exoparasite insects are about the size of an Apple seed. They are making a real comeback at the moment. They are usually bought into a premises and once established can be very difficult to eradicate. Usually requiring at least 2 treatments with professional modern insecticides.
5 Star Pest Control bring decades of experience and the highest levels of service to treat and eradicate Bed Bugs.


Cockroaches are amongst the most revailed insect pests and they are difficult insect to eradicate and proven vectors of disease transmission. They require specialist treatment with professional products.
Novel gel baits are used and David was involved in one of the first large scale trials of this type of treatment - we've had great success using these techniques.


The best treatment for fleas is to prevent them from becoming an issue in the first place. Once a flea infestation has taken hold in your house they can be a very stubborn pest to eradicate.
We recommend veterinary flea treatments to be carried out to your pets as directed. Only 5% will be on your pet at any one time, the other 95% will be in your flooring and pets bedding. We are experts at clearing fleas infestations using some of the most sophisticated professional use only insecticide treatments backed up with expertise experience and qualification.


Ants are social insects that fall into the nuisances pest category due to their foraging behaviour. We are lucky in the UK to not have very painful stinging ants. There are however, several different species of ant on the Island and species identification is the key to successful treatment.
Modern treatments are carried out using specific edible gel insecticides. At 5 Star Pest Control we offer a guaranteed Black Ant eradication service with a 6 weeks guarantee.


There are several species of stinging wasps capable of constructing nests in and around your home or business that are capable of inflicting painful stings
If you elect to try to treat a wasp nest yourself, proceed with caution. 5 Star Pest Control can offer a guaranteed eradication wasp treatment.


Flies are small flying insects characterised by two wings, often associated with unsanitary conditions. They can carry diseases and are attracted to food, waste, and decaying matter.
Treatment and control is carried out through insecticide applications, where appropriate, proofing, glue traps and the correct sighting of ultra-violet fly killing machines (Fly Zapper).


It may surprise you that there are beetles that will attack your feed and home. Some will like carbohydrate or protein based if dry and others can damage natural materials such as wool, fur and leather. Identification is key to successful treatment of Beetle infestation.
Once identification is made a treatment programme can be put in place. David is a Pest Control Field Biologist with a special interest in insects. We offer unrivalled levels of experience and expertise in Pest Control on the Isle of Wight.


The most common insects to attack woollen carpets on the Island. Look out for long grain rice (larvae) in quiet areas of the carpet, under a bed or beneath a drawer unit. You may also notice areas of carpet becoming bare. They can also attack woollen clothing, fur and feathers.
Our team of technicians will provide treatment to your carpets with residual insecticides to clear infestations, as these insects can be persistent and difficult to clear.

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