Insect Pest Control Services on the Isle of Wight

We cover the whole Island, offering a 24/7 service – both for residential and commercial clients alike. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. 

Insect Problem on the Isle of Wight?

We offer fast and effective insect treatments to domestic and residential customers across the Isle of Wight. All the treatments will be documented on an inspection report sheet, forming a continuous treatment record for your premises. For your peace of mind, appropriate health and safety information is made a part of each inspection report sheet.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are biting insects – adults of which are about the size of a ladybird. They stay close to the food source and will normally be found around the bed and bedroom fittings.


Treatments are usually carried out using one of the professional cockroach gel insecticides although we may treat with sprays and dusts if insect numbers are high.


We are able to carry out professional spray treatments to eradicate fleas from your home. Please contact our office to discuss a treatment plan.


The reason for an ant infestation in our dwellings is very simple. Ants love the same food we do. Our cupboards are their dinner tables, and we pretty much put the food on the plate for these little critters. 


Wasps are distinctive black and yellow striped flying insects that invade homes and gardens. There are several varieties that cause problems. Wasps are capable of inflicting a painful sting and are quite territorial.

Wasp nests are treated using special applications of insecticidal dusting powder to the entrance of the nest. 


This is a large and invasive group of insects, many of which are proven disease vectors.

Treatment and control is carried out through insecticide applications, where appropriate, proofing, glue traps and the correct sighting of ultra-violet fly killing machines (Fly Zapper).


The first port of call for any bee problem should be the Isle of Wight Bee Keepers Association, they will be best placed to give the advice necessary – and relocate where possible. 

Carpet Moth

The most common insects to attack woollen carpets on the Island. Look out for long grain rice (larvae) in quiet areas of the carpet, under a bed or beneath a drawer unit. You may also notice areas of carpet becoming bare. They can also attack woollen clothing, fur and feathers.

A thorough treatment of the carpets with a residual insecticide is used to clear the infestation, although they can be persistent.


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