Wasps & Wasp Nest Removal on the Isle of Wight

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Found a wasp nest in your home or business on the Isle of Wight?

If you’ve found a wasp nest in your home or business on the Isle of Wight – it’s time to call in the professionals (us!).

It is not advisable nor safe to try and remove a wasp nest from your own property. Being notoriously aggressive, you should never attempt to remove a nest of wasps yourself.

We can offer an affordable, professional and reliable service to effectively remove the danger from your home or business on the Isle of Wight.

Why get rid of Wasp Nests?

They’re one of the most familiar and disliked British insects, easily recognized by their characteristic black and yellow bands, two pairs of locked-together wings and dart-shaped abdomens which – in female wasps – are tipped with stings.

Worker wasps are 10-15mm in length, while queens are significantly larger at 20mm. There are several wasp species in the UK, with the most common being the common wasp (vespula vulgaris) and the German or European wasp (vespula germanica).

Both species make their nests underground or in the cavities of trees, walls and other parts of buildings.

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