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Rats or Mice on the Isle of Wight?

A mouse infestation can occur anywhere – from households to public venues and other establishments. They can be harmful to your health in a variety of ways and even cause damage to your property. Now you can eliminate the annoying vermin with a single phone call.

Mouse Control Services

Mouse droppings, which are much smaller than rat droppings, spread liberally across the food stuff and areas of activity. 

There is often a mouse smell if they are present. Mice will often urinate on food sources as they move around. They will nest within the fabric of the building and emerge to feed.

As known disease carriers, mice cannot be tolerated in your property. Treatment is carried out using anti-coagulant baits.

Rat Control Services

Rats are larger rodents and usually weigh around 450g, with a body length up to 8 inches excluding the tail.

The most common rat in the UK is Rattus Norvegicus or brown rat. To confuse things, it can come in a variety of colours. The tail is characteristically bald and scaly.

Rat droppings are around a centimetre in length and black or brown. There is often a smell where they have been active. Proven for disease transmission, you should not tolerate rats in your property, inside or outside. Treatment is carried out using anti-coagulant baits. 


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