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A mouse/rat infestation can occur anywhere – from households to public venues and other establishments. They can be harmful to your health in a variety of ways and even cause damage to your property. Now you can eliminate the annoying vermin with a single phone call.

Rats or Mice on the Isle of Wight?


Mice are a common household pest and they cannot be tolerated in any commerical premises. Invasive and proven disease carriers they can cause extensive damage. Proofing is recommended to a tolerance of 6mm so we are all potentially vulnerable to mouse activity.
5 Star Pest Control are experts in eradicating mouse infestations. We survey the problem and decide the most effective treatment. We also provide proofing, where possible, recommendations to minimise the likelihood of reinfestation.


Rats are quite bright and very adaptable. They are capable of spreading disease where inside or out and cause extensive damage to your home or business. Rats should not be left. They are unlikely to move on and can breed at prodigious rates.
5 Star Pest Control are experienced at eradication of Rat infestations and will tailor a control programme to your specific needs.

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